WSA Steel Plate Pistol Shoot!


All are welcome to shoot this event! This is a timed fast shooting event!

Non-members $10 members $5. If you stay later to shoot it is normal range fees.

Equipment required, eye and hearing protection,

a pistol (max 6-inch barrel length and no AR type pistols) in a caliber of 22LR, 38SPL, 380 ACP, 9MM Luger, 40 SW or 45 ACP. Optics are allowed.

No magnum rounds. Calibers not allowed are 357 mag., 38 super, 44 mag. and all black powder. Any other calibers are up to the RSO’s discretion.

All ammo will be full metal jacket (FMJ) or lead, no hollow points or other defensive type of rounds.

When you are at the range your pistol will be in a case at all times with the magazines outside the case from the time you exit your vehicle until you are at the shooting bench.

 If you are shooting your carry pistol it will need to be in a case and unloaded before leaving your vehicle, not in a holster.

Three magazines minimum for semi autos and three speed loaders for revolvers are highly recommended.

10 rounds loaded per magazine maximum.

Thank you from the WSA Rifle/pistol range staff!

Rifle/Pistol Range phone number: 262-865-8733