Archery Range

Range Master: Jerry Werner
Range Committee Chair & Chief RSO:

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  • Archery Range General Information

    Rules and Scoring for WSA Hunting Course

    • You must follow all Archery Range/Course Rules posted at the entrance to this facility. In addition:
    • It is mandatory to pay all fees PRIOR to shooting. Do not enter the simulated hunting course unless you have paid your fees using the envelopes provided. No exceptions!
    • NO BROADHEADS allowed on this course.
    • Crossbows are allowed.
    • There are a total of 20 targets on the course, some shooting stations have more than one target to shoot at.
    • Shoot from behind the designated starting signs. Children can shoot closer if needed.
    • Please do not jump to other shooting stations once inside course. Follow the walking trail course to the next shooting station.
    • After you have pulled your arrows and are walking to the next station please yell LOUDLY "ALL CLEAR" in order to allow the next group to begin shooting.
    • Wait for the prior group ahead of you to give the "ALL CLEAR" signal prior to shooting your next target.
    • If you loose and arrow you are allowed to look for 5 minutes before you must move to the next shooting station (assuming there is a group in back of you ready to shoot). PLEASE place you BOW and an upright arrow in the bale to alert others you are nearthe bale looking for an arrow. This prevents the next group from taking their shots - in your direction!

    Scoring System

    • A maximum of TWO arrows are allowed per target!
    • An arrow touching any part of the designated outline is considered a hit!
      • FIRST arrow vitals hit                    = 20 points
      • FIRST arrow non-vitals body hit  = 10 points
    • SECOND arrow is only needed if the first arrow was a complete miss of any part of the body.
      • Second arrow vitals hit                   = 10 points
      • Second arrow non-vitals body hit = 5 points
      • Second arrow miss of any part of the body = 0 points