2021 WSA Raffle Winners

Gun infoWinner
1. Ruger Wrangler 22lr revolverHarrison Compton
2. Ruger AR-556 semi autoDan A
3. Benelli Supernova 12 GASean Mainland
4. SAR-USA 9mmMark Doletski
5. Ruger American 6.5cm boltJohn Zimmer
6. TriStar Viper silver 20ga semi-autoPat Kortendick
7. SAR-USA 9mm pistolRandall Rossi 
8. CZ-USA 457 varmint 22lr boltDan Ulach 
9. Savage Axis II-XP 22-250Chris Miller
10. EAA/akkar 20gaRichard Thors
11. SDS-Zigana 9mm pistolJoel Lunenberg
12. Franchi 20ga over/underDennis Bugalecki
13. KelTec 22wmr PistolKurt Byalke
14. Remington-700SPS 223 BoltGerry Grant
15. TriStar Hunter Mag 12ga over/underMatt Pomerous
16. Weatherby 6.5cm boltJohn Simpson
17. Winchester SXP 12ga pumpMathew Mason
18. LSI Howa Gameking 223 BoltJames Hartford
19. CZ-USA CZ Drake 20ga over/underJames Anderson
20. Remington 200th Ann. 12ga pumpHannah Barnes
Congratulations to all our winners and supporting your club through the raffle!

2020 Gun Raffle Winners

2020 Gun Raffle Winners

  1. Mossberg .243 w/scope                              Tom Sweete
  2. Browning 20ga. BPS                                      Mike Mielke
  3. Browning .22 target rifle                             Joe Madda
  4. CZ .410 O/U Drake                                         Hank Mulfinger
  5. Stevens 555 .410 O/U                                   Cliff Marhefke
  6. Tri Star tactical 12ga.                                    Reed Brohelden
  7. Glock 35 .40                                                     Jason Kazmierczak
  8. American Classic 1911 .45                          Gerald Haile
  9. CMMG AR 5.56                                               Paige Ebert
  10. Browning Black label.380                  David Watkins
  11. Remington 870 200-th anniv.          Bob Hunter
  12. Charter Arms Bull Dog .44                 Jeff Werth
  13. Taurus 1911 .45                                    Jerry Werner
  14. Henry Silver Evil Roy .22                    Nick Redlin Jr.
  15. Ruger 10-22                                            Ron Stummer
  16. Ruger Mark IV 22/45 .22                    Mike Kane
  17. Rem, Express 870 Trap                       Mike Mauser
  18. Hi Point .45 cla rifle                             Erik Leable
  19. Thompson Center 30-06                    Mitch Cassity
  20. Taurus Tracker .44 revolver              Larry Morrison

Thanks for your support to all that didn’t win!

WSA is now affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)

Wisconsin Sportsman’s Association is now affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). With this affiliation, there are a number of benefits that can be taken advantage of by WSA members. Among these include ammo purchase and competing in CMP competitions just to name some. For more information, you are encouraged to go to thecmp.org

Club News from Jerry

Hi Guys and Gals, It’s time for our first membership meeting of the year, Monday evening 7pm, 1-27-20, at our Clubhouse, come join us and see how your club is run, meet the new board members and participate in the free and pay for raffles, also free food and drink after the meeting and best of all meet your fellow members. Also a little bit of a change in plans for next Saturday, we will not be having a competitive shoot but we will be offering all day shooting on all shot gun ranges, with 1 free round to every member that wants to try our new 5 stand course. We will also have a Chili cook off with members choice awards and prizes Starting at 3pm till about 5 and then we will be playing cards for the evening. If you are going to participate in the chili contest, please bring enough for 6-8 people, all others there will be a $7 per person charge for sandwiches and snacks for the evening supplied by the Club.  Thanks, Jerry    Questions or comments, as usual me at 262-497-6633 or            jwerner.wisportsmans@yahoo.com

2019 Gun Raffle Winners

2019 Raffle Gun Winners

Browning BPS Trap Joe Parbytas

Bushmaster Quick response Carbine Angelo Marsh

Bushmaster 30 rd. carbine Quick response Wally Luedtke

CZ P10 compact 9mm Mike Kluetzman

CZ 20 ga. O/U Gary Anders

Ruger 1911 .45 cal. Dan Watring

Glock 17 9mm John Strobel

Henry Golden Boy .17 HMR Ryan Jossart

Henry Big Boy .45 cal Colt Carbine Carl Kitzrow

Kahr Arms 9mm Semi Auto Linda Brigham

Hi Point .45 cal. Carbine Donated Back to WSA by Tom Harty

Mossberg .270 Hunting Rifle Jay Keckhaver

Mosberg Silver Reserve .410 O/U Jeff Koultrip

Remington 870 Classic trap Jerry Ebert

Remington 700 Varmint .223 Mike Hosking

Ruger Blackhawk .357 revolver Alan Vasquez

Ruger AR .556 Black Sythetic Randy Paul

Benelli 12ga Tactical Ben Beere

Savage 22/250 bolt action Clarice Mish

2021 WSA Memberships Now Available

2021 Memberships rates have not increased:

  • Membership renewal is $80
  • Life Members that become eligible in 2018 and after will have to pay $30 per yr.

2021 Renewal fees are $80 for regular members, and $30 for lifetime members that become eligible in 2020 or after.

NOTE: All memberships must be renewed by Jan 31st, as there will be no extensions granted at all.

WSA Membership form

2018 Gun Raffle Winners

20 Gun Raffle Winners
1.  Pointer 20ga. Rick Pallamolla
2.  Savage 22-250 Paul Keritsch
3.  Glock G-19 Mark Pulda
4.  Rem. 870 Rano Wells
5.  Berretta A300 Christine Blawat
6.  Henry Big Boy Bert Boehm
7.  Ruger 10-22 Rob Wayne
8.  Taurus 45-.410 John Studey
9.  Rem. 870 Ricardo Toledo
10.  Henry Golden Boy Mike Mielke
11.  Mossberg O/U Bill Schmidt
12.  Springfield 9mm Andy B.
13.  Ruger Mark IV Glenn Bisceglia
14.  Ruger LCP Tony Lease
15.  Rem. 1100 John Hinkfuss
16.  Springfield XD 40 Chuck Ramos
17.  Stag Arms AR Cathy Hinkfuss
18.  Rem. 783 Bill Alvey
19.  Savage 17 HMR Randy Graf
20.  Rem. 783 Tony Lease
Any Questions or if you haven’t been contacted yet,
Please call Jerry Werner @ 262-497-6633

Club News Alert – Please Read

A letter to all members,

In the next few months our normal activities here at WSA are on occasion going to be interrupted and canceled by the construction of a new 200 yd. berm for the rifle range and rebuilding and expansion of the berm on the shotgun range, I apologize for the inconvenience but this work and the money derived from it will benefit our club for many years to come. Please make the best of it and realize its merit. This is being done at this time because the opportunity is here with all the construction in the area, so we have to take advantage it. Please excuse our mess and think of the promising future. Thanks to all for your understanding,

Jerry Werner



President/administrator WSA