2022 Steel Shoot

        2022 Steel Shoot

        Interested In Shooting Steel?

•             Members-$30, Non-Members-$60

•             6 Week Steel Plate League with start date of 1-1-2022 (Saturday)

•             Shooting will take place on Saturdays. Everyone required to be at the first night of shooting at 5:00 pm and pay that night.

•             Equipment required, eye and hearing protection, a pistol (max 6-inch barrel length and no AR type pistols) in a caliber of 22LR, 38SPL, 380 ACP, 9MMLuger, 40 SW or 45 ACP.

•             You can switch between calibers or pistols at any time (in efforts to combat ammo shortages).

•             You can sign up as an individual, or as a team of up to 4. If individual you will be placed on a team, if not enough shooters for a team anyone from another team or that team can shoot again at no additional cost in order to make up a team.

•             There will be no makeup days.

•             If a shooter is absent the night of the shoot a stand in can be used. It can be someone from the same team or someone from a different team. 

•             Once teams are established each team will choose a time slot to shoot with in.

•             SASP like rules apply it is a timed event so your time is your score. The four “bang” targets must be hit during each string of fire and the “stop” target will be hit last. A “bang” target is any of the four non-“stop” targets of a stage. Each person will shoot five strings per stage. The best four out of five runs are combined for a total score for each stage. If the stop target is hit before all bang targets have been hit, there is a 3 second penalty for each bang target not hit. If the Athlete does not hit the stop plate, a score of 30 seconds is recorded for that string. The maximum time allowed for each individual string is 30 seconds. The competitor will be stopped and asked to prepare for the next string of fire if they reach the 30 second limit.

•             Keep your unloaded firearm in a case

•             If you need to retrieve a magazine from your fire arm see the RSO. 

•             Keep your magazines separate from your unloaded cased firearm.

•             Load 10 rounds into your magazines. You will be shooting 5 times in a row.

•             If you have less than 5 magazines teammates can load for you as you continue to shoot.

•             The course will be lit for the entire event. sun light will change, keep in mind while choosing team time slot.

•             Optics or iron sights your choice.

The 200 yd Range is open to the public

-The 200 yard range will open to MEMBERS ONLY and NON-MEMBERS ON SATURDAYS ONLY. Please remember to check the website calendar. The opening of this range requires an additional RSO and may not be open if there are not additional RSO volunteers.

-There will be an additional fee to shoot the 200. Members $5.00/Hour, Non- members $10.00/Hour. There will be one included sight-in target containing a grid system. This target will already be mounted on a frame. You will also have the ability to engage a steel silhouette target. The dedicated 200 yard RSO will manage any target changes.



-SIGHT-IN All 200 yard shooters must sight in on a dedicated sight-in target at 50 yards. Every rifle MUST qualify per session. This means if you are shooting 3 different rifles, they each need to be sighted in at 50 yards.

-NO OFF-HAND SHOOTING ALLOWED , Rest, Bags or bi-pod supported shooting only.

-NO STEEL CORE OR STEEL JACKETED ROUNDS. If a magnet sticks to the tip you will not be shooting at the 200 yard range.

updated 11/17/2021

WSA Steel Plate Shoot

WSA Steel Plate Pistol Shoot!


All are welcome to shoot this event! This is a timed fast shooting event!

Non-members $10 members $5. If you stay later to shoot it is normal range fees.

Equipment required, eye and hearing protection,

a pistol (max 6-inch barrel length and no AR type pistols) in a caliber of 22LR, 38SPL, 380 ACP, 9MM Luger, 40 SW or 45 ACP. Optics are allowed.

No magnum rounds. Calibers not allowed are 357 mag., 38 super, 44 mag. and all black powder. Any other calibers are up to the RSO’s discretion.

All ammo will be full metal jacket (FMJ) or lead, no hollow points or other defensive type of rounds.

When you are at the range your pistol will be in a case at all times with the magazines outside the case from the time you exit your vehicle until you are at the shooting bench.

 If you are shooting your carry pistol it will need to be in a case and unloaded before leaving your vehicle, not in a holster.

Three magazines minimum for semi autos and three speed loaders for revolvers are highly recommended.

10 rounds loaded per magazine maximum.

Thank you from the WSA Rifle/pistol range staff!