Wisconsin Sportsman’s Association is happy to announce a new event! We are offering a Holster Draw Orientation and Workshop. Have you been issued a Conceal Carry Permit and would like to expand on the information you learned? This would be your opportunity! The event will provide the setting to Draw from a Holster and shoot live fire at static paper targets.

The Orientation provides a “Dry-fire” overview, a 2 hour time investment.

The Workshop will allow you to draw from the Holster and shoot “Live – fire”, also a 2 hour time investment.

The Orientation MUST be completed before the Workshop.

Items required:

– Firearm chambered in .22LR, .380, 38 SPL, 9mm, .40 SW, .45ACP, NO Micro/ Magnum Pistols

-Kydex holster covering the Trigger Guard, Outside the Waistband (OWB) only. (No Serpa or leather Holsters) with a Cant of less than 10 degrees.

– Solid Belt

-3 magazines, and a magazine pouch that will carry 2.

– Electronic Hearing Protection (example- Walkers Earmuffs)

– Eye protection must have side shields or wrap arounds.

– Factory loaded ball type ammunition ONLY. 200 rounds per Workshop (Recommended)

– No open toed shoes or sandals.

The cost for each event is $40 and is open to WSA MEMBERS ONLY. The Orientation is typically a one- time fee. Each Event is capped at 20 participants. A sign-up sheet and Event Information will be posted in the Rifle/Pistol Clubhouse . Thanks for your interest!

Question may be directed to Steve Tripp @ 224-237-9521 or st994698@gmail.com