Rifle and Pistol Range

Range Master: Jerry Werner
Range Committee Chair & Chief RSO: Steve Tripp

Rifle and Pistol Range News

  • Rifle and Pistol Range Fees

    • Members $6/Day
    • Non-Members $30/Day
    • Active Military $6/Day with military ID
    • Youth (17 & under ) shoot for free.
    • We do not currently offer hourly rates.
    • Sorry, we cannot accept bills any larger than $20!!
    • We do not take reservations for shooting lanes, lanes are generally assigned on a first come/first serve basis, however members may given be priority over non-members.
    • Members may purchase a 10-punch card for $55, a savings of $5.
    • Rifle/Pistol Range phone number: 262-865-8733

  • Rifle and Pistol Range Rules and Regulations

    • Eye and ear protection are required!
    • Open chamber indicators (OCI) are required and available for $1 if needed.
    • Case and uncase your weapon on the firing line bench only.
    • RSOs will determine if youth shooters will be allowed to shoot or continue shooting on the range.
    • No rapid or “bump” firing!
    • 50BMG and larger calibers are not allowed.
    • Shooters utilizing the 50 and 100 yard lanes must qualify at 25 yards.
    • A single shooter may only use one lane/target board at a time.
    • Multiple shooters may share the same lane/target board, so long as only one shooter fires at a time.
    • Concealed and open carry are allowed.  However drawing and firing from your holster is not.
    • Biodegradeable Clay Pigeons may be used but pigeons (and pieces) must removed after shooting.
    • Steel targets are not allowed to be brought in.
    • Pictures of people are no longer allowed to be used as targets.
    • No pets are allowed on the range.  All wildlife is to be protected on the range.
    • Range rules violators may be asked to leave.

  • Rifle and Pistol Range General Information

    • The range is volunteer run, please check the range calendar for the most recent schedule changes.  The calendar may change at the last minute so be sure to check often, especially during the winter months.
    • The range only has portable bathroom facilities (handicap accessible).  Please plan accordingly.
    • While the range is outdoors, the shooting stations are reasonably covered from the elements.
    • Extreme weather, range maintenance, and RSO availability may cause unscheduled range closures.
    • Smoking on the range is prohibited.
    • Shooters should bring their own spotting scopes and staplers for hanging targets.
    • You are welcome to bring your own paper targets or purchase them for $1.00 each.
    • We do not sell ammunition or rent firearms.
    • Rifle/Pistol Range phone number: 262-865-8733